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…More Likely to be Viewed by a Recruiter! GameTime Recruiting handles all filming and editing of these videos and will be uploaded to social media or sent to you directly!

Take your Highlight Video to the next level!

GameTime Recruiting offers a professional skills video focusing on an athlete’s primary position(s) showcasing their skills to impress college coaches. In most cases, you get one chance to impress a coach so it’s imperative that you make it count!

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The Importance of a Skills Video

Having a skills video is extremely important for today’s athletes. College coaches don’t have the time or money to travel to see hundreds of recruits in person. That’s why a skills video is one of the most important parts of your online resume.

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Tips For Skills Video

  • Keep it relatively short. Think of it as a preview for a movie, it should show a coach your very best skills with no bells or whistles.
  • Start with a bang. Put your best highlights first as coaches may not have time to watch the entire video.
  • Post your video with your online resume. When a skills video is posted on a trusted recruiting site like Game Time Recruiting, that video will be seen by college coaches. Make sure you are staying proactive and reaching out to college coaches.
  • Know what coaches are looking for. Different sports require different approaches. You want to make sure you have the right angles so that coaches can evaluate your skill level.
  • Show a wide range of skills. Use clips that show you are a well-rounded athlete. While making sure that you have a wide range of skills that coaches want to see, make sure you are not including skills that coaches do not want to see.
  • Video quality is important. Make sure that your skills video is clear and easy to view.
  • Simplicity can go a long way. Start the video with a short intro to include your name, school and contact information. Don’t get too fancy, there is no need for background music or graphics.

Recruiting Video Package


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